Re-elect Mayor Manny Santos
Re-elect Mayor Manny Santos

"To everyone who helped in the campaign, I THANK YOU!" 

Letter to the People of Meriden from Mayor Manny Santos
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Promises made, promises kept!

PEDAL Press Conference April 30, 2015 press conference with local banks and CEDF to introduce the PEDAL program

Two years ago, then mayoral candidate Manny Santos, told the citizens of Meriden that in exchange for putting their trust in him as their next mayor, he would:

  • Let their voice be heard by expanding public comment at City Council meetings... DONE!

Now, the public's voice can be heard, loud and clear at every meeting. It's all videotaped and broadcasted on Public Access and online at Office of the Mayor

  • Improve Meriden's business climate and promote more private sector investments, thereby reducing our city's reliance on state and federal tax money... DONE, but still more to do!

Now, there are more interested developers and business owners looking at Meriden than ever before. Now, there is a business-friendly voice in City Hall that is not afraid to challenge inefficient long-time practices. The Mayor has recently introduced the PEDAL (Preferred Economic Development Loan) program, that makes use of private funds available to developers and other business owners, which promotes Meriden like no other municipality in this state. See bottom of page to read more about the program.

  • Put an end to one-party rule in City Hall... DONE!

Now, different approaches to solving problems in the city are being heard. Meriden's municipal government has never been more transparent; people now understand the hard work that goes into getting the right thing done, and the ugliness of the opposition (in politics).

Promises made, promises kept!

During the campaign in 2013

Mayor Manny Santos is asking the citizens of Meriden to re-elect him for a second term. Mayor Santos commented,

"Our city is a big ship that has been sailing in one direction, the wrong direction, for a long time. Just as it takes time and effort to turn a big ship, it takes time and effort to turn our city. We have slowed down the ship, now we must start turning it in the right direction. There will be some that will express disagreement and discomfort, but as with any significant change, its OK to be a little leery. As Woodrow Wilson said, 'If you want to make enemies, try to change something.'  We've taken that first scary step... now let's start running."


Mayor Santos continued,

"The people of our city now have hope, and can see the potential, but not if we letup! We have all witnessed how the political and bureaucratic establishment have circled the wagons to protect their inheritance, their monopoly on our city. Let's start demanding accountability from our department heads and other city leaders. Let's not allow the momentum to diminish; greater things are yet to come to this city!"


Mayor Santos has said that he has a vested interest in seeing Meriden flourish and start heading in the right direction; it's the city he and his wife are committed to and they still have children in the public schools.


We invite you to click on PLATFORM to learn more about the Mayor's vision for Meriden. In the coming weeks, he will also be identifying running mates for the various elected offices within the city, so visit us often.

Meriden PEDAL Program
Summary of the Meriden PEDAL (Preferred Economic Development Advantage Loan) program.
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Thank you for helping Manny fight a good fight.

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